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    Loch Lomond is a fresh water lake in Scotland. It is approximately 38 kilometres long. Southeast of the lake you will find hills that descend to the sea and some pretty beaches, a charming area that is great for admiring nature and enjoying a pleasant moment in the midst of stunning landscape. East of the lake is the Trossachs National Park, with its large variety of lakes that are smaller in size than Loch Lomond, but at the same time are equally beautiful. In Callender you will find an extensive range of places where you can sit by the lake, such as pubs, cafes and restaurants. You can also go around the shops in the region’s fine shopping centre. The lake also has about 60 islands. It is one of the most well known lochs in the world, and numerous songs have even been written about it. Visit this wonderful place, an idyllic setting for some quality peace and quiet, discover Loch Lomond

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