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    Broadwey is an ancient English village located near Weymouth in Dorset. The main sites to see include the Church of St Nicholas, which dates back to the 12th century, although it has some 15th and 16th century additions. Next to the church is the Manor House, built in a charming Victorian style. It bears the insignia of the Goodden family, who were important landowners in the area. Along Mill Street, you can see the old mill that gives the street its name. It is possible to visit this, as well as the Mill House, which was constructed in 1853. On the Dorchester Road is a 17th century farm, and further south are some attractive houses that date from 1835. Another fine building is Lorton Farm, a house and farm that was built in George IV's times and which has some interesting neo-Gothic features. Broadwey is a charming example of an old English hamlet, and it welcomes its visitors with open arms. Come and visit!

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