Payment directly at the hotel – New Payment Method

1) A flexible system


Hotelopia offers you the possibility to choose the payment method you prefer: Payment via the website or payment at the hotel.


What is direct payment at the hotel?

Payment at the hotel allows you to make direct payment of your reservation once you arrive at the establishment rather than through the website. This type of payment is increasingly requested by customers.

2) Booking process for payment at the hotel

The booking process in Hotelopia is the same as always. You can book in 3 easy steps and without any extra charge. The only difference is the one at the time of choosing your hotel in the search results page.

The hotels will be identified with two different colors:

Green hotels for “Pay on-line

And yellow hotels for "Pay at hotel"

We also added a new filter to adjust your search. It is called: "How to Pay."

By using it, the results are automatically filtered to show only the hotels with the payment method you selected.

Once you have decided the hotel that best fits your needs, just follow the usual process of booking by clicking on "Book"

3) Print the service voucher

Once the booking process is finished, you can print the voucher from the website.

You can also print it from the file that we will send you to the email provided during the booking process.

It is essential to show the voucher at the arrival at the accommodation establishment.

Access your booking

You can access your booking at any time from the top right side of the web by entering the booking code and the email used during the booking process.

From this page you can cancel your reservation directly or send again to your email the service voucher.

To make any changes to your booking, you must contact our Customer Service Center.


Does Hotelopia charge anything to your [my] credit card? will not charge any amount to your card. The payment will be made directly at the hotel on arrival or departure depending on the hotel's payment conditions.

Why do I have to provide my credit card details?

The hotel requires these data to guarantee a booking made in case that it is cancelled after the deadline or if the client does not show up at the hotel.

Is it necessary to leave a deposit or make a payment in advance to the hotel?

No, the payment for the stay is to be made once you arrive to the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to check the validity of your credit card details before your arrival.

Some accommodations establishments that function on “check-in” systems, with the objective of avoiding credit card fraud, may employ verification methods for the use of your credit card at a cost of no more than €1, or of one unit of currency in the country of the location. The value of this charge will be returned once the verification has been made. Likewise, prior to check-in, the establishment may, in accordance with cancellation costs, charge your credit card for any costs, to be deducted from the payment made in the end by the accommodation establishment.

Am I allowed to pay at the hotel by using a different credit card than the one I used to make my booking?

Generally, hotels accept different cards or cash. However, we recommend you to find out by contacting the hotel directly.

Can I make a booking with a debit card?

No, hotels do not accept debit cards to guarantee reservations. To make a booking it is essential to use a valid credit card.