Payment by bank transfer – New form of payment

1) A safe payment form


It’s the easiest way to make a payment from any place in the world, you only need a telephone or online access to your bank in order to do the transfer. It is also an advantage for those who are still feel uncomfortable with giving their credit card data on the internet.

2) Booking Process

Hotelopia’s booking process is the same as always, and without any additional cost.The only difference is that upon selection the form of payment, you must choose bank transfer.

In order to finalize the booking and make the payment via bank transfer, you will need to contact our Call enter on NUMERO DE TELEFONO, and they will, by e-mail, provide you with the necessary documentation in order for you to make the payment.

Once made the bank transfer, you will need to send us the payment receipt by e-mail, and when the operation has been validated we will send you the final booking confirmation.

3) Print the service voucher

Once the bank transfer has been verified, we will send you the final booking confirmation to the e-mail address provided to us during the booking process.

Access the booking

You can Access your booking at any time from the upper right part of the web site, by introducing you booking code and the e-mail address used during the booking process.From this page you can view your booking, cancel it or resend the service voucher.

To make any type of modification to your booking you will need to contact our Call Center.


Can I Access the payment by bank transfer option for all of my bookings?

No, this form of payment is only available for bookings of a total superior than 600€.

How much time in advance do I need to booking in order to be able to pay by bank transfer?

The booking must be made a minimum of 15 days before the date of arrival of the stay. The bank transfer payment can take up to 72 hours in being validates, and for this reason we recommend booking in advance in order to process without problems.

Can I access the bank transfer payment form for any hotel and rate?

The bank transfer payment is NOT available in the following cases:

  • When choosing “Pay at hotel”
  • When the booking incurs in cancelation costs from the third day of the booking date.
  • When the rate is “non-refundable”

Who takes on the costs of the transfer, in the case that these were to be applicable?

Upon making the booking payment, the client must take on the cost of the transfer, in the case that these were applicable.

In case of cancelling the booking, Hotelopia will take on the possible costs of the transfer that may be applicable in the refund.