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        CL  p.o. box 283634 al barsha heights, Dubai, Dubai, united arab emiratesView mapCLp.o. box 283634 al barsha heights, dubai, united arab emirates Latitude: 25.096605; Longitude: 55.172739
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      Time Oak Hotel & Suites
      Score4.2/5of 7 
      • Room
        4.3 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.1 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        4.1 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        4.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        4.1 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        4.3 / 5
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      • Time Oak Hotel & Suites4.0/5


        Anonyme Published  2018-12-05Comment in Français

        Positive review

        tous est bien situation, personnel, confort etc...

        Negative review


      • Time Oak Hotel & Suites4.3/5


        Nimetön Published  2017-02-20Comment in

        Positive review

        Excellent family vacation. Good pool area for little ones. And little playground near pool area was useful for our 2-year-old child. Very family-friendly hotel staff. Barbeque buffet at pool area on Friday was great! Thank you! :)

      • Time Oak Hotel & Suites5.0/5


        LenaPublished  2017-02-10

        Positive review

        Organized well, friendly employees and nice location I really enjoyed my time there

      • Time Oak Hotel & Suites3.2/5


        AnonymousPublished  2012-11-20

        Positive review

        Spacious Room/Good Location for business travellers/good pool/nice reception welcome and reception staff incl concierge assistance, housekeeping were also very friendly and attentive to our needs ie extra towels.

        Negative review

        VERY bad smell on the 14th floor where we where Food quantinty avail not great (bread selection on bfast buffet very limited), Egg Station unmanned and when assistance needed there was a 3-4 min time delay to have egg chef cook - on one morning i asked for scrambled eggs and was given fried eggs - manager immediately requested the egg chef rectify the situation however he done this by shouting at the staff member and was not at all discreet about the error which was no big deal to me. I was disappointed with the choices in the hot foods as there were no pork sausages only chicken and veal and when i asked about that it was as if i asked them to change religion. We also waited 15 minutes to order food around the pool on the first day as there was no one in attendance as the staff member was collecting orders downstairs and forgot to come back and take our order. I had to return to request service again and we waited quite some time. On the 3rd day there was also another large table who were complaining about the waiting time for food and there wasnt really any other pending orders as the pool area wasnt that busy - perhaps 10-12 people all up.. the food - when it did arrive for us - was a little cold so i am not sure how long it sat downstairs before it was brought up. The smell on the 14th floor early in the morning is repulsive. I mentioned it to reception on the check out day as this was the worst day we had actually smelt this awful oudour (it is like sewage smell) and they said they would 'mention to housekeeping' but clearly there is an issue with the seage early in the morning on the top floor being the last floor before the engineering room perhaps?? For this reason, I wouldnt be returning to the hotel - also the air cond units are EXTREMELY noisy and again i am not sure if that is because we were on the top floor or not. I would be interested in hearing from the management to hear their views on some of these points as i believe standards of hotels/apartments to be high in Dubai having visited 13 times now since 1993 and I dont think return visitor rates would be high based on these issues mentioned above.