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      Reviews on the The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel 3 STARS AND A HALF

        CL  seventh avenue  790, 10019  New york, New york - ny, united statesView mapCLseventh avenue, 790, new york - ny, 10019, united states Latitude: 40.762065685204995; Longitude: -73.98280536441803
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      The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel
      Score3.2/5of 8 
      • Room
        3.2 / 5
      • Facilities
        2.8 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        3.2 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        2.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        3.4 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        3.4 / 5
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      • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel1.7/5


        Jenna YPublished  2019-09-15

        Positive review

        The hotel bed is comfortable.

        Negative review

        I won’t recommend this hotel to anyone! Disappointing experience, low quality rooms and very poor value for money (borderlining extortion) My mother and I stayed at this hotel from 6-11 Sept 2019. Check in was swift and we were given our room key cards to the room on the 20th floor (#2041) As we exited the lift, you can’t help but begin to feel anxious about the room quality when you walk along the the dimly lit corridor. The walls and carpet also look tired, worn out, extremely dull, dirty and depressing. A bit creepy but probably a good filming location for a horror movie. Website photos of the rooms seem far detached from reality (with ref to rooms 2041 and 503) Our first bedroom had a musty smell each time we entered the room. The furniture looked so old. Air bubbles under the wall paper was quite evident throughout the room walls. The remote control was sellotaped to prevent batteries from falling out. There was no fridge in the room and it is understood you could hire one at an additional cost. It’s unusual as all the hotels I’ve ever stayed at provided a fridge. There were coffee/tea sachets in the room but after one trial, one would stop there and head out to Dunkin Donuts to grab a coffee. The bathtub in room 2041 was the highlight amongst all the other need-to-be replaced fixtures. The bathtub drain flange/stopper was very rusty, dirty and cracked around the edges. The base plastic layer of the bathtub kinda lifted from the tub enough to create that bouncy effect whenever you step on it, akin to using a foot pump to inflate an air mattress. No having baths for sure! We complained and the helpful receptionist did change our rooms to room 503 on the third day. My hope in The Manhattan Hotel was restored but not for long. See photos posted re: room 503. By then we were onto the 3rd day and didn’t want the hassle of repacking and room hopping so we put up with the condition of the alternative room. It was interesting to have a patio door that opened out onto part of the building but of course, do so at one’s own risk. Each floor supposedly has an ice and water machine where guests can help themselves and fill up their water bottles anytime. Future guests to note that the machines on the fifth floor appear permanently empty (during my stay) so one can only think the machines there are for show or to fill up space. I had to walk upstairs on the 6th floor to get ice and water, or the 7th floor whenever the ice runs out. On the morning of our check out day, we woke up to a very unpleasant surprise - A paper slipped under the door showing a $200bill (including two items of tax per day) for a ‘ facility fee’ for the five days stay. I spoke to Mr Mohammed at reception who advised that most hotels do charge these and they charge $35 per day whereas he said if I went to Sheraton across the road, they charge $40 per room per day. I was rather upset at the manner this was conveyed to me on the last day! And the receptionist at check didn’t even make mention of this!. I had booked and paid online in advance for the rooms and thought that was just it. I mentioned it would have been good practice and courteous for the receptionist at check in to at least make mention of the facility fee earlier on so that guests can somewhat be prepared! Mr Mohammed did agree that the receptionist at check in should have mentioned. Other trip advisor complainants have got their fee waived and I’ve emailed the hotel to ask for a full reimbursement! No reply! Immediately prior to our stay at The Manhattan at Times Square, we stayed at Hilton Garden Inn and Fairfield Inn by the Mariott in lower manhattan for a few days and neither of these hotels slipped a surprise bill under the door for these fees. The facilities at these hotel were much better than The Manhattan’s and yet they have not charged a facility fee. Oh well, overall the experience at this hotel hasn’t been satisfactorily and leave us feeling taken advantage of. I leave you to browse through the photos below and decide if it is worth paying an average c.£170 for the hotel room below + $40 facility fee per night inc tax. It really isn’t worth it! I come back home to London and have a much greater appreciation for hotel qualities in London.

      • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel3.6/5


        Anonym Published  2014-05-27Comment in Deutch

        Positive review

        wir wechselten das Zimmer nach der ersten Nacht weil dieses direkt neben dem Fahrstuhl lag - uns wurde ohne Probleme ein neues Zimmer zur Verfügung gestellt, welches wir am Nachmittag beziehen konnten. für New Yorker Verhältnisse war das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis absolut in Ordnung da die Lage des Hotels TOP ist!

      • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel3.0/5


        AnonymousPublished  2013-05-16

        Positive review

        Staff were very friendly and professional.

        Negative review

        Looked a bit 'tired', cracks in paint, tiling etc in bathroom. Didn't like seeing linen trolleys in corridor - looked messy. Didn't feel uber clean which is what you want in an hotel.

      • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel2.8/5


        IsabellePublished  2012-07-09Comment in Français

        Positive review

        Dommage la situation est vraiment bien

        Negative review

        Le personnel qui s occupe des bagages n est pas très agreable

      • The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel4.8/5


        CharlussetPublished  2012-02-29Comment in Français

        Positive review

        L'hôtel est trés bien placé, à deux pas de Times square, bus et metro juste à côté, idéale pour visiter Manhattan. C'est aussi trés agréable de pouvoir se faire un bon café ou un thé dans la chambre! Propreté de la chambre impécable et trés bonne litterie! Bref, un hôtel à recommandé et où nous aimerions à nouveau séjourner!