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      Reviews on the Adamton Country House Hotel 3 STARS

        CL  baird road, KA9 2SQ  Prestwick, Prestwick, united kingdomView mapCLbaird road, prestwick, KA9 2SQ, united kingdom Latitude: 55.51692184; Longitude: -4.570973769
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      Adamton Country House Hotel
      Score2.2/5of 4 
      • Room
        2.0 / 5
      • Facilities
        2.0 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        2.0 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        1.8 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        3.0 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        2.2 / 5
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      2 opinions about Adamton Country House Hotel

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      • Adamton Country House Hotel1.8/5


        The choppersPublished  2018-04-03

        Positive review

        The road out.

        Negative review

        The saying you get what you pay for has never been truer. It has potential , the original building is really nice and with a bit of money spent on it would be lovely. The staff where friendly but require some training, emptying table while we were still eating is a no no. That’s about where the niceness ends. The room was in need or a good upgrade, the bathroom must have been installed a good 30 years ago. Food was awful be be polite, we had the chicken and we might have been as well to try and eat the tennis court. Overpriced beer and served from as a can as they had ran out of Guinness. All it missed was Basil Fawlty chasing Manuel with a pan through the dining room.

      • Adamton Country House Hotel1.5/5


        AnónimoPublished  2017-04-18Comment in Español

        Positive review

        las zonas comunes

        Negative review

        habitacion muy sucia, baño muy viejo.