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      Reviews on the Thara Patong Beach Resort 4 STARS

        CL  thaweewong road, patong beach  170,170/1, 83150  Phuket, Phuket, thailandCLthaweewong road, patong beach, 170,170/1, phuket, 83150, thailand
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      Thara Patong Beach Resort
      Score4.1/5of 5 
      • Room
        3.8 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.2 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        4.0 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        4.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        4.2 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        4.2 / 5
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      2 opinions about Thara Patong Beach Resort

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      • Thara Patong Beach Resort4.0/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-10-10

        Positive review

        Great location and for relaxation

        Negative review

        Outside was overgrown but they were starting to work on this as we were leaving

      • Thara Patong Beach Resort3.3/5


        Anoniem Published  2016-07-04Comment in Nederlander

        Positive review

        Friendly personel but with very little knowledge of English. Hotel is very close to the beach, about 3 minutes walking.

        Negative review

        The hotel might have been very nice once but requires some intense renovations now. Breakfast buffet could use some variation every 1 or 2 days. In our room all closet doors nearly fell of their hinges or were crooked, the shower cabin doors did not keep the water out of the bathroom floor and looked unclean. Water stayed long in the sink before flowing away (pipe cluttered i think) In general it kinda looks old, not worth 4 stars at all!