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      Reviews on the Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites 3 STARS AND A HALF

        CL  5876 w irlo bronson memorial h, 34746  kissimmee, Orlando - fl, united statesView mapCL5876 w irlo bronson memorial h, orlando - fl, 34746, united states Latitude: 28.332726; Longitude: -81.519782
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      Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites
      Score3.6/5of 3 
      • Room
        4.0 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.0 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        3.7 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        2.7 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        3.7 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        3.7 / 5
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      3 opinions about Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites

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      • Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites4.0/5


        Anónimo Published  2015-11-20Comment in Español

        Positive review

        The Breakfast is pretty good, but after staying from more than 3 days, you get bored of eating the samething again ang again. It has a Dennys crossing the street. Old Town is pretty close to the hotel, also you have a 7 eleven near to. If you are just going there to sleep, this a pretty good choice, it has comfortable beds.

        Negative review

        Old Elevators, The Wifi is unstable, but have wifi.

      • Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites4.5/5


        ErikaPublished  2014-07-02

        Positive review

        The staff was incredibly friendly and if we needed anything at all, they were happy to help! We stayed at this hotel for over two weeks and we were looking for something that was very close to Walt Disney World that had a kitchen. We were lucky enough to save over $2000 on this trip, due to buying our food at the grocery store and taking it into the Parks. The kitchen is not very big, but had everything we needed: a refrigerator (small), microwave, and a two burner stove. I was pleased with the size of the room (we stayed in a two bedroom suite) and how quiet it was. We stayed on the fourth floor, which was really nice. The only draw back that I would have to say about this hotel is that it gets very noisy at the pool and a few people drink too much (the outside bar is very close to the pool). Otherwise, I would say it was a great stay for us! Great value = happy family from Dallas, TX!

        Negative review

        The food was lacking. We stayed at this hotel for over two weeks and the breakfast was okay. The eggs were a bit runny and the only healthy option was fruit. It would have been nice to have had yogurt as an option and boiled eggs, but if you walk over to the 7-11, they have a good assortment of fruits and food that are healthy. The pizza joint only had three toppings to choose from, so we bought pizza at Hess. The first week, Perky's Pizza was closed because the oven wasn't working. As a small business owner, I would have immediately gotten my oven fixed as this brings in needed income for the resort. Again, I would have offered everything that was listed on the menu and not limited myself to just what was in the hotel (only mushrooms, bell peppers, and pepperoni). However, that being said, there are plenty of restaurants, fast food places, and grocery stores within walking distance to the hotel.

      • Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites2.3/5


        SamPublished  2013-01-03

        Negative review

        Staff were very unhelpful. Requests were poorly received and badly fulfilled. We paid a 'final price' to stay at the quality suites and were then presented with a ' resort' fee that no member of staff could justify. It appears to be simply a means of extracting money dishonestly. You need to be honest about the room price! We will be recommending against staying at the resort to family , friends and business!