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        CL  56 moo 5 - koh yao noi  55, 82160  Phang nga, Phuket, thailandCL56 moo 5 - koh yao noi, 55, phuket, 82160, thailand
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      Six Senses Yao Noi
      Score4.6/5of 2 
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        4.5 / 5
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        4.5 / 5
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      • Six Senses Yao Noi4.3/5


        Bobbi Published  2016-08-22Comment in Español

        Positive review

        The hotel has beautiful views over the bay and lovely bungalows set amongst lush gardens. The staff at the restaurants for breakfast and dinner were beyond helpful, attending to our every need, helping carry our plates, serving us and making our experience excellent, they learnt what we liked during our stay and predicted what we needed before we had to ask, I can not rate the dining staff enough. Facilities are to a high standard and having stayed in similar five star properties we had high expectations. We were happy with our stay but some areas were let down.

        Negative review

        The hotel is very beautiful decorated in a rustic style to merge in with the environment. The housekeeping staff were excellent. We found some services lacking turn down service we have usually received some kind of cookies or chocolate as a treat. The butler wes polite however we witnessed other gems working hard with their guests but we rarely saw our gem, once she realised we had seen the area on previous trips and we were not interested in spending a lot of money on excursions she did not bother with us, apart from a morning hello she did nothing for us, did not check to see if we needed anything and it wS clear this particular gem was more a sales excursion planner than interested in making our stay memorable, having stayed at five star butler/gem service villas in different countries we found the service we had fell massively short. We were extremely disappointed with this area, it's a non schists the service. I fact other gems helped us more. We are not a demanding couple and have very few needs, but the gem did not seem interested in finding out what these may be, and so for us we did not feel we had a gem. Every other area of the hotels service was really good, management seem to pick who they talk to which we found a little of putting. We often got over looked. Beach staff very attentive and kind. The food for a five star is of an average quality. Having allergies I have often in other hotels had meetings with the chef to organise meals and what I could be provided with etc, at six senses it was a constant worry, on certain days where there is buffet only st the living room I had to eat elsewhere because of allergies there was no flexibility it was just seen as tough luck, go somewhere else, the menus are all a variation on the same menu which we found basic and not to the standard we'd usually get, this is an area that needs great improvement, however breakfast was excellent. Inconsistencies in service mean we would look possibly st other resorts. Six senses has a certain reputation and although we had a great time due to locatio. We feel we have stayed at other properties that far surpassed six senses.