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      Reviews on the River Kwai Jungle Rafts 2 STARS

        CL  baan tahsao, amphur saiyoke, 70150  Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi - river kwai, thailandCLbaan tahsao, amphur saiyoke, kanchanaburi - river kwai, 70150, thailand
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      River Kwai Jungle Rafts
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      • River Kwai Jungle Rafts1.4/5


        Robert TownsendPublished  2010-01-02

        Positive review

        The only postive review I can give this hotel is that the location is lovely.

        Negative review

        This hotel is a total rip-off and is certainly not of the quality it shows on its website. For a start, the location is only accessible by a long boat that is run by the hotel and they charge £18 for each round trip and it only takes 9 mins to get there (not the 20mins they advertise). Then there are the staff. When we arrived they couldn't really be bothered to deal with us and just gave us our key, telling us where our room was located. Unless we went with one of their planned excursions, it was very difficult to get anywhere as they were totally catering for organised parties as we discovered the next morning with nearly 100 Eastern Europeans waiting to go off on an excursion. Also the pricing of their excursions is a total rip-off. £72 to go to Erawan National Park which costs £8 to get into and this was a half day excursion. There were also rips in the mosquito netting and the rooms were tatty. As it was located in a very fast flowing part of the river I felt like I was sleeping in a washing machine also. We left after 1 night when we had booked 3 nights. I advise you to look into this hotel. They hold a monopoly and it was only because I have travelled lots of times within Thailand that I realised this. A very poor hotel and certainly not worth the £225 that I paid for it. It was not of the standard that I have come to expect in Thailand during my many trips there. I will be looking at a refund for the 2 nights that I did not use. I was very dissapointed indeed.