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      Reviews on the Park Lane Hotel 4 STARS AND A HALF

        CL  36 central park south , 10019  New york, New york - ny, united statesView mapCL36 central park south , new york - ny, 10019, united states Latitude: 40.765093; Longitude: -73.975278
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      Park Lane Hotel
      Score2.4/5of 1 
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        2.0 / 5
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        3.0 / 5
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        3.0 / 5
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      • Park Lane Hotel2.4/5


        Anonymous Published  2017-01-23

        Positive review

        The room itself was a mixed bag; the carpet and decor was tired and grubby. The room felt flat and dead. The bathroom was extremely poor quality. However, we always had a hot shower and the bedding was clean and we had a good nights sleep. The room was extremely dark as there was a building very close to the window, but the room was large. There were no facilities, toiletries were cheap and nasty, there was one very old towelling tone that you didn't fancy putting on, there were meant to be two. There were no slippers. There was no tea and coffee facilities in the room and there was no mini fridge. The bedding was clean, however the room was tired and was in need of talc and a deep clean. The bathroom was fairly clean but was in need of regrouting. I can't comment on the food as we didn't eat there; there is a little shop on site selling chocolate and crisps and that is extremely expensive so refrain from using that unless absolutely necessary. Staff professionalism was so so. On arrival we were told to wait however no one came to check us in. Finally after a long wait we were checked in. A gentleman took our baggage up to the room and whilst I appreciate staff rely on tips he was quite rude, and was a little intimidating. He demanded a tip in our room and it was clear he wasn't leaving without one; this really put me off. When leaving the hotel the lady at the desk was very pleasant, and a gentleman who looked after our bags after check out was very nice also. When we went back to collect our bags to go to the airport the same man demanding a tip at the beginning of the holiday collected our bags. My husband had gone to the toilet at this time and I was alone waiting for the bags on the lobby. I thanked the man on five occasions and he stood there staring at me which I found very uncomfortable. On the sixth time of thanking him he informed me that he had looked after our bags. As we had already tipped him at the beginning of the holiday I was determined not to reward this kind of behaviour.