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        CL  jalan cok rai pudak, 80571  Peliatan-ubud, Bali, indonesiaCLjalan cok rai pudak, bali, 80571, indonesia
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      KajaNe Yangloni
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        Damn VulcanoPublished  2017-10-11Comment in Deutch

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        We tried to cancel the booking because of the Vulcano. Canceling Airline was no problem, but the answer of the Hotel was, they are 50km away. So when planes can not fly, how we can get back home. If we not coming home, we are loosing our jobs. the Hotel had no understanding/sympanty for this and we had to pay the hole price, even we are not coming. We plan the Trip for next year again, but we won't stay in this Hotel. Hopefully the Vulcano sleeps at the time we wonna go.