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        CL  kawasan wisata nusa dua lot s-3  s/n, 80363  Bali, Bali, indonesiaCLkawasan wisata nusa dua lot s-3, s/n, bali, 80363, indonesia
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      Inaya Putri Bali
      Score3.8/5of 5 
      • Room
        4.2 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.0 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        4.0 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        3.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        3.6 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        3.8 / 5
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      3 opinions about Inaya Putri Bali

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      • Inaya Putri Bali1.3/5


        Kris1 Published  2017-06-28

        Negative review

        Im having my wedding in the end of June in Bali and unfortunately chose this hotel for everyone to stay. Bathroom stinks as soon as you open a tap in my room and in all of my friends and family rooms! I asked receptionist to do smth about it but clearly they get so many complaints that they cant be bothered cos noone came. Food in all restaurants is extremely overpriced, and I don't mind to pay for an expensive restaurant but not if the quality is average. If you dont mind walking go to Ayoda, way better prices and quality. And thats all my friends opinion, we all eventually went there. On the first day i asked at reception if children under 2 yo can eat for free as i just checked out from the hotel where they do. I ve been told that yes, children under 3 yo eat free of charge in any of their restaurants. And children over 3 yo have 50% discount. So i told it to my friends who also have kids. And it was very disappointing to find out that no, they do charge. I went to reception to say that if I would have known that i could have fed my son lunch at the other hotel where we just came from and where it was free! No apologies only angry look from staff and manager. They explained that the girl who told me that clearly meant "breakfast time". Obviously if breakfast is included why would i ask if its free for my child! Also kids menu is really unhealthy. Burgers, chips etc; simply steamed vegetables is nowhere to be seen on a menu. We also had a problem with our door three days in a raw. Imagine the situation, every day i will be standing near the door with an overtired screaming toddler cos we couldn't get into the room:( Eventually, they decided to move us but only sent one staff member to help who said "i will wait until you pack your bags and then come back" I said:"please, just take all my staff out one room and put it exactly on the same spot to another room as im not wasting entire night on packing and then unpacking bags again", and as you imagine i ve got a lot of staff cos in my room with me are my mom and my son. So the guy takes one bag to move and he is gone! After 30 mins waiting and moving my staff on my own I called reception and they said they will send someone.....30 mins later when i almost moved all my staff here comes one to help then one more... Food - to get a high chair takes forever and there are flys on the table. The only thing i liked that staff will come and take orders for coffee and juice. Oh and the room we moved in , bathroom stinks again.

      • Inaya Putri Bali4.3/5


        Anonymous Published  2017-04-25

        Positive review

        Great pools and facilities. Great location on the beach. Close to Bali Connection for shopping and dining options.

        Negative review

        I found the breakfasts disappointing. It is a illogical mix of eastern and western dishes. Have the two completely separate. The egg stations are a complete disaster. I saw people waiting for up to 15min to get served - I just decided to go without eggs. For a resort of this class I expected more. After Inaya, we went to a 3-star Ubud hotel and got better breakfasts. For dinner you have two options in the hotel. Either western food or Indonesian food. Unfortunately, you cannot have western while your partner select Indonesian. Its one or the other.

      • Inaya Putri Bali4.8/5


        JoannaPublished  2016-05-07

        Positive review

        Nice hotel!! It was pleasant to stay there.