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        CL  h c andersens boulevard 8  8, 1553  Kobenhavn v, Copenhagen, denmarkView mapCLh c andersens boulevard 8, 8, copenhagen, 1553, denmark Latitude: 55.6770656676902; Longitude: 12.5660750339739
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      Hotel Alexandra
      Score4.2/5of 7 
      • Room
        4.4 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.1 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        4.6 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        3.8 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        4.3 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        4.1 / 5
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      4 opinions about Hotel Alexandra

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      • Hotel Alexandra4.4/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-12-01

        Positive review

        Great location and friendly, helpful staff. First time I have come across hotel giving voucher for the restaurant in exchange for forgoing cleaning.

      • Hotel Alexandra4.2/5


        Peter PanPublished  2016-10-19

        Positive review

        Excellent hotel close to the sights. There are a number of good bars and restaurants within walking distance.

        Negative review


      • Hotel Alexandra4.5/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-08-16

        Positive review

        very pretty little hotel, friendly and helpful staff and elegant design. very convenient location right next to the Tivoli as well.

        Negative review

        Receptionist pointed us to the breakfast place without telling us actually it was not included and quite pricey (and didn't taste that great). Room was a bit small.

      • Hotel Alexandra4.3/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-08-03

        Positive review

        I will come back again.