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      Reviews on the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark 3 STARS AND A HALF

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      Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark
      Score3.5/5of 4 
      • Room
        3.2 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.0 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        3.8 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        3.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        4.0 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        3.2 / 5
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      4 opinions about Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark

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      • Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark4.0/5


        Anoniem Published  2018-09-05Comment in Nederlander

        Positive review

        het waterpark is echt super en de entertainment bij het zwembad uitstekend! super leuk dat ze ook een kleine mall hebben waar je ook een beetje tijd kan doden

        Negative review

        ik vind het jammer dat zij met alle schonen beddengoed op karren in de hal staan bij de liften. ik zelf vind dit niet zo hygienisch als alles zo open staat de hele nacht door

      • Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark5.0/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-03-01

        Positive review

        Great hotel for the kids. Sad to see it change. It should remain a Nickelodeon Hotel

        Negative review

        A little expensive

      • Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark1.8/5


        James HPublished  2015-11-16

        Positive review

        My daughter had a blast. She loved the themed room and water slides BUT was disappointed that only 1 pool (lagoon) was open during the week (the other pool (Oaisis) has a kiddie area more suited for her, plus it was in the sun so she was not cold) she was also disappointed to find that the characters were not freely walking around the resort, but instead only random characters were in the "mall" area for 20 minutes at set times and were only announced that morning.

        Negative review

        I hope I have enough room to fill this out properly! Before checking we had read several recent reviews of this "resort" so we went in not expecting much. The lobby is clean, smells fresh and the staff is super friendly, this is about where the niceties wear off... Upon opening the door to our room we were met by a FANTASTIC smell of mold & mildew. As we walked across the overly stained carpet we explored each room only to find that the children's room has NO door. As for the "adults" room there was no alarm clock, the wall mounted TV was barley holding on and felt as if any movement would have it crashing to the floor. The bed might as well have been made of cinder blocks and the pillows were as comparable to a bag of cardboard. On first look the bathroom didn't seem bad, until we tried using the facilities. The sink had NO water pressure and then the nozzle blew off and went down the drain (because why would there be a stopper in the drain?) the shower was equally as week. It took me double the time to shower due to the lack of pressure (also waiting for the water to warm up) 3 days into our 7 day stay we received a notice that due to ongoing renovations, rooms in the "lagoon facing buildings" would experience no water between the hours of 8am - 4pm the following day. To make sure we would not be effected by this I called the front desk where I was assured that out room/building was not effected by the water interruption. Sure enough first thing in the morning, my child uses the bathroom only to find out our water has been shut off and we are now will a full dirty toilet and no water. After visiting the front desk to voice our list of complaints which included our lack of water, they changed our rooms for use. Upon checking into the new room we were greeted by the same weak shower & sinks, stained carpets and foul smells. The pools areas are a child's standards. The water is not as heated as advertised, the pool only opens at 11am and the slides open at 1130. Out of the 2 pool/slide areas only the "Lagoon" pool & slides are open week long. The "Oasis" pool is only open Saturday & Sunday. The kiddie/toddler area of the lagoon pool is in the shade and only uses ice cold water, making it not as pleasurable as one might think. (The oasis pool offers a kiddie/toddler area in the sun with water that is a bit warmer) Our daughter is a BIG SpongeBob fan wo of course we booked the character breakfast. The characters and staff again were super friendly and interactive, the food, best described as lunch-room leftovers. WORST breakfast I've ever had! My daughter begged to have dinner with the Ninja Turtles, but after the terrible food we had at breakfast, we told her the Turtles were on vacation ( their also seen nowhere on the grounds except during dinner) Overall this "resort" failed to live up to its websites hype and with the exception of the characters and slides, you're staying at a Super8, Motel6 etc. it's no wonder Holiday Inn removed their name and association with this place! Once I'm settled in from our trip I entend to follow up with management because there is no way my stay was worth anything close to the money that was spent to be there!

      • Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites Waterpark3.3/5


        big mamaPublished  2011-04-26Comment in Français

        Positive review

        On est déja dans un univers de parcs d'attractions,personnages,musique, animations, tobogans dans les piscines...

        Negative review

        grosse infrastructure assez populaire,les chambres sont sombres et les fenetres ne souvrent pas ! inconvenients de ses avantages,tres bruyant beaucoup d'enfants fatigués en fin de journée.Pas vraiment reposant