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      Reviews on the Hilton Bali Resort 5 STARS

        CL  jalan raya nusa dua selatan  s/n, 80363  Nusa dua, Bali, indonesiaCLjalan raya nusa dua selatan, s/n, bali, 80363, indonesia
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      Hilton Bali Resort
      Score4.0/5of 3 
      • Room
        4.7 / 5
      • Facilities
        4.7 / 5
      • Cleanliness
        4.3 / 5
      • Quality of the food
        4.0 / 5
      • Staff professionalism
        4.0 / 5
      • Price-quality ratio
        3.0 / 5
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      3 opinions about Hilton Bali Resort

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      • Hilton Bali Resort4.5/5


        mjaePublished  2015-09-19

        Positive review

        Amazing views of indian ocean from rooms/lobby. Massive hotel, takes a good hour to see all facilities in a good day because its soooo big. Love the convenience of being served drinks and food whilst you're sunbaking or swimming. Plenty of rest-rooms around resort. Massive pools/no overcrowding. Waterpark-like slide is cool. Rooms are spacious and comfortable. Massive bed. Great and large selection for Buffet breakfast.

        Negative review

        Food at all hotel restaurants is extremely over-priced/expensive. Had to travel to Bali Collection almost everynight to pay a decent price for dinner and drinks, Prices were actually above Australian standard prices, understand its a 5 star resort but $18.50 AUD is extremely expensive for a Beef burger and chips. Also nothing walkable distance from hotel so taxi or shuttle to bali collection is your only honest options for leaving resort. Not that we ever really wanted to besides food and drinks and shopping/daily activities.

      • Hilton Bali Resort3.5/5


        AnonymousPublished  2014-01-01

        Positive review

        Great swimming pools for the kids. Sprawling grounds, nice landscaping and wonderful ocean views.

        Negative review

        Avoid during peak seasons. Very crowded breakfast area.

      • Hilton Bali Resort4.0/5


        TomaszPublished  2009-08-28

        Positive review

        Very nice beach, spacious room. Comfortable beach facilities as well. Just bear in mind that the beaches on Bali will be a let down for you if you compare it to Bora Bora or something like this. This one is the best I have seen on Bali (even famous DreamLnad Beach is inferior IMHO) but none of them is suitable for children, unless you can afford to watch them ALL THE TIME. It was quite windy when I was there (2-9 August) which was a little anoying but helped to stand the temperature. I have not noticed any wind in Kuta so it must be east coast phenomenon.

        Negative review

        I had to ask for the room to be changed as the first one didn't fully match what I expected paying for an "ocean view". Took about 1 hour and a lot of my nerves to do it. It was ok eventually but I still don't know what I should have done (or paid) to get a REALLY nice room. I saw some were vacant during my stay but somehow I didn't get any of them. Europeans and Americans and not the staff favourites, to put in that . Forget about getting anywhere by the beach - each after 2 or 3 miles you will be stopped by the rocks. Getting to the next hotel (going north) is impossible. Getting to the nice beach grill is possible only via taxi, even though the whole journey takes 3 minutes. Basically this hotel is in the middle of nowhere. As are the others in this part of Nusa Dua.

        Information on the suburbs

        NOTHING. Very nice beach grill is accessible only by car/taxi. No to get there by the beach. Moreover, if you expect to see a nice jungle (or palms) around the hotel FORGET about it as well. Nothing but desert-like bushes. You need to go to the north coast to notice any significant difference with respect to this one.