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      Reviews on the Pearl City Suites Hotel APARTHOTEL 4*

        CL  8th street port saeed district. deira  n/a, N/A  Dubai, Dubai, united arab emiratesView mapCL8th street port saeed district. deira, n/a, dubai, N/A, united arab emirates Latitude: 25.253959; Longitude: 55.331928
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      Pearl City Suites Hotel
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      • Pearl City Suites Hotel1.5/5


        Anonymous Published  2016-07-22

        Positive review

        The only good thing about this hotel was that its completely opposite the deira city centre which meant you could go shopping or dining.

        Negative review

        I stayed at the hotel simply for its kitchenette which comes along with the room so that I could heat up my childs food. However, the hotel was not up to its standards. There was no hot water on the first day. On the second day they moved me from room to room to provide hot water. I had to pack and unpack my belongings a couple of times. We ended up having a room with hot water but this time no cold water. So showers, baths were extremely difficult given the hot climate. The manager was extremely rude along with the staff at the reception. On departing the hotel, they couldnt care less. These guys only care about the money you have given, nothing more. I would say, spend a little more and get a better hotel. You will enjoy your stay in Dubai.