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    Devin is a medieval Bulgarian town located at an altitude of 700 metres on the Rodopi Mountain. It is only 100 kilometres from Plovdiv International Airport and it is famous for its spa and recreation centres which specialise in the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, neuritis and metabolic illnesses. Its hot springs are at a temperature of between 37º and 44ºC and are known for their curative properties, due to the minerals they contain. This natural resource is readily available with a modern hotel infrastructure with qualified, hospitable and friendly staff. These waters have been used since antiquity by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Bulgars and they have acted as an energy source for great emperors. Nowadays you can enjoy other activities like skiing, at the Pamporovo complex, from December to the end of April; its network of cable cars and skilifts give fantastic views of the landscape. Devin is a good place from which to visit the natural beauties of the Chajrite, Cudnite mostote and Slona reserves, as well as the Baca and Deviska rieka Rivers. You can also visit the History Museum, the Laslo Nagy Museum, a Planetarium and the Rodopski Karsty Museum or the Dramaticen theatre. Come to Devin and refresh your energies.

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