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    Ullswater, which lies in the Lake District of north-west England, is one of the country’s largest and most beautiful lakes. It is a place of immense natural beauty that inspired countless poets and artists. Ullswater was formed by the thawing of glaciers at the end of the ice age, giving it its characteristic crystal clear waters. The nearby towns of Glenridding, Howtown and Pooley Bridge, are blessed by their proximity to this lovely lake and the surrounding mountains, which are ideal for hiking and trekking in a rocky and steep terrain. A mountain that deserves special attention from visitors is Hevellyn, one of the highest in the district. There is no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of Ullswater than taking a trip on the picturesque steamers, which first took to the water there in 1850. These steamers generally go from Glenridding to Howtown, where visitors usually opt to make the return trip by foot along the shore of the lake in order to best appreciate all that is on offer. Among the activities you can engage in there are sailing, diving and rowing. Discover nature in harmony with adventure, visit Ullswater!

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