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Information about Japan

  • Geographic location: Japan is an island situated in north east Asia, and lies inbetween the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. Nearest countries include Russia, North Korea and China.
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Language: Japanese
  • Travel documents required: Most visitors to Japan will be issued with an either temporary three month or six month visa, issued at the port of entry. Travellers may need to produce an onward ticket and proof of funds.
  • Voltage used : 110 volts at 50Hz
  • Time zone: GMT +9
  • Dialling code: (+81)
  • Climate: As Japan lies in the northern hemisphere, it enjoys a temperate climate with four distinctive seasons. However towns in the north, including Hokkaido have long and cold winters, and shorter summers, whereas the islands off the south west coast can be warmer and semi-tropical.
  • Vaccines: No vacinations are required
  • Currency: Yen

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