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      Reviews on the Hotel Dhyana Pura Beach Resort 3 STARS

        jl. camplung tanduk-seminyak, Bali, Bali, indonesia jl. camplung tanduk-seminyak, bali, indonesia
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      Hotel Dhyana Pura Beach Resort
      Score4.9/5of 1 
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        5.0 / 5
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      • Hotel Dhyana Pura Beach Resort4.9/5


        psPublished  2009-03-17

        Positive review

        Great value for money in a fantastic central beachfront location. Very clean. Spacious grounds. Lovely friendly helpful staff. Nice mix of guests from a variety of nationalities including Indonesian. Would definately stay there again.

        Information on the suburbs

        Walk into Seminyak, down beach to Legian, restaurants/cafes/markets all within reasonable walking distance (& we had a pushchair too). Or just chill by the pool - it's a lot quieter there than at its big-name neighbours' pools!