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Information about France

  • Geographic location: France is located in Western Europe, bordered to the north by the North Sea, Belgium and the English Channel, the south by the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco and Italy. To the southwest lies Spain and Andorra, on the west, the Gulf of Vizcaya and the east, Luxemburg, Germany and Switzerland
  • Capital: Paris
  • Language: French
  • Travel documents required: Passport or identity card are required for EU residents. For citizens of other countries, a visa is necessary (consult before traveling:
  • Voltage used : 220 volts at 60Hz
  • Time zone: GMT +1
  • Dialling code: Country code: +33
  • Climate: France has several different weather zones. For the higher mountain regions, a colder climate prevails, whereas the north of the country can experience similar weather to the UK. The enjoys a Mediteranean climate and is hot from Spring to Autumn
  • Vaccines: No vacinations are required
  • Currency: Euro

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