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    Boca Chica is an extraordinary and very popular beach in the Dominican Republic, located on the bay of San Andres, 30 kilometres to the east of Santo Domingo. Its beach, which is three kilometres long, is of white sand, the water is completely transparent and there are beautiful palm trees. There are also two small islands: La Matica, which is a picturesque key with mangroves and many species of bird; and Los Pinos, created from the dredging of the port of San Andres in 1950. It is the largest natural lagoon in the Caribbean, with two interesting features: fresh water currents fed by the underground River Brujuelas, and a nature breakwater of coral. The beach restaurants here are excellent, and you can find both local and international cuisine. The area's hotels have all the comforts imaginable. Boca Chica offers all kinds of water sports, it has an excellent climate and some of the best diving in the Caribbean; if you are looking for something other than beach, you can visit the historical treasures of Santo Domingo, where you can take a stroll along its famous pier. Don't miss the chance to see this wonderful destination, come to Boca Chica.

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