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    Ciénaga de Zapata is a Cuban municipality. It is the biggest wetland area in the Caribbean, covering over three hundred thousand hectares. It is the natural habitat of unique species of flora and fauna and a declared Biosphere Reserve. Inside the Zapata Peninsula is the Motemar Natural Park, which has exotic rivers, lakes, mangroves, caves, beaches, swamps and a submarine environment that attracts many divers and fans of snorkelling. Visitors can also try some, hiking, horse riding, trekking, cycling, fishing, sailing and bird watching. Just observing the local wildlife is a rewarding experience in itself. The Salina and Santo Tomás paths are very interesting. Don’t forget to visit the crocodile nursery and the Playa Girón museum. You can take a ferry from Boca del Guamá to Laguna del Tesoro, which is covered in lush vegetation and has fantastic trout fishing. In Guamá you will find good log cabins to stay in, and discos, restaurants and a reproduction of a Taína village complete with sculptures. Enjoy unspoiled and peaceful beaches like Playa Larga and Playa Girón, which have coral reefs, and see the Cave of Fishes, an amazing underground spring You can eat crocodile meat at several of Ciénaga de Zapata's restaurants. Come and see nature in all its splendour.

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