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Information about Argentina

  • Geographic location: Located at the southern tip of South America. It is the eighth largest country in the world and second in South America. From north to south, covers an area of 3800km and 1425km from east to west. Bolivia and Paraguay lie to the north, with Brazil Uruguay
  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Language: Spanish
  • Travel documents required: Residents from neighboring countries need only a valid identity document from their country. The remaining visitors need a valid passport, with or without a visa, depending where they come from. The maximum time to stay as a tourist is 90 days
  • Voltage used : 220 volts at 60Hz
  • Time zone: GMT -3
  • Dialling code: "Country code: +54. Public phones accept only coins and prepaid cards. Alternatively locutorios are cash open 24hrs.
  • Climate: Due the size of Argentina, the climatic difference is hugely varied. You can as easily ski or sunbathe depending on where you chose to stay. Remember, Argentina is in the southern hemisphere so summer months are from from December 21 until March 21
  • Vaccines: Vaccines are not required to enter this country. Exception: vaccine against cholera and yellow fever for passengers coming from countries where these diseases are endemic
  • Currency: Peso

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